Pakistan’s Abysmal Human Indicators


Pakistan has the worst Human Development Indicators in South Asia. This came out in the UNDP’s 2024 Regional Human Development Report for Asia-Pacific.

The report, however, presents a troubling rise in human insecurity in Pakistan between 2010-2016 and 2017-2020. “This suggests a pressing need to tackle socioeconomic vulnerabilities. A comparative analysis of historical GDP per capita provides insight into our economic history and future prospects.”

The report “starkly contrasts gender disparities in the workforce, particularly noting a 25pc female labour participation compared to countries like Vietnam with 69pc participation, indicating a significant area for improvement.”

Further, “The discussion of Pakistan’s acute debt stress underscores the need for effective fiscal management and strategic planning to navigate this challenge. It concludes by emphasising the imperative for Pakistan to develop a strategy centred on innovation, resilience, gender equality, and sustainable development. As Pakistan charts its course towards human development, the report suggests that the keys to success will be effective leadership, collaborative efforts, and sound governance to forge a prosperous future for all its citizens.”


Author: Nadia Khalid