Imran Khan’s ‘I, Me, Myself’ Politics Keeps Producing Twists and Turns


Former Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to issue statements that are confounding and contradictory. In a recent interview Khan said that “the job of intelligence agencies was to secure the country and not “political engineering.” Considering that Khan is a long-time beneficiary, going back decades, of the military establishment’s engineering what he is really trying to say is that as long as that engineering was in his favor it was fine, now that it is not in his favor he does not like it. That is petulant and childish, but then so is Khan.


Khan’s interview came after “a steady stream of audio recordings surfaced of late, of allegedly candid conversations never meant to be heard by the public, of government figures in the Prime Minister’s Office. The most recent audios purportedly feature conversations between the PTI chief and his former ministers and principal secretary about a cypher that he has for long presented as evidence of a “foreign conspiracy” to oust him from office.”


Interestingly when questioned about PTI’s upcoming long march, in a Trumpian fashion Imran claimed that an “unimaginable” sea of people would march toward Islamabad but he refused to give details. Instead he acted like a victim alleging “Everything we say is leaked […] our phones are tapped […] for the first time I am feeling as if I am a traitor of the country whose being tapped.”


If you want to occupy the top position in a country – or organization – the first requirement is to think beyond yourself. Khan’s biggest problem was and remains his massive ego and his ‘I, Me, Myself’ belief.


Author: Ahsan Kureshi