Conspiracy Theories Abound in Naya Pakistan


Conspiracy theories abound in our country and the Deep state of Pakistan has decided to propagate conspiracy theories that help All Weather Friend China using its vast network of ‘perception management’ operators.

One such operator, Brig Gen (r) Asif Haroon Raja who is regularly featured on propaganda websites such as Global Village Space and ‘Veterans Today‘ has written a piece titled ‘From War on Terror to Coronavirus.’ In April 2018 New Pakistan had written about how Raja’s writings were promoted on a little known website ‘Global Village Space’ launched in 2016.

In his latest piece Raja seeks to propagate the China-backed conspiracy theory that the US is to blame for the coronavirus and it is a bio weapon developed in a Western lab. “On August 6, 2019, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of USA issued an order to a major biological warfare lab in Fort Detrick Maryland to immediately close down and suspend all operations due to its failure to contain contaminated waste, which might contain agents such as Ebola, Smallpox, Anthrax, SARS. In next one month time, there was outbreak of mysterious illness in USA causing respiratory diseases to hundreds. It was concluded that illness could be owing to e-cigarette. Symptoms of this disease were similar to Covid-19. Till January 2020, US people suffered worst flu in its history. Chinese secret agency has recently reported that Corona virus was experimented in a British lab Pirbright Institute as a biological weapon. The experiment was funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. After getting registered in USA, the product was transported to Canadian lab and from there to a lab in Wuhan. Before shipping it, an anti-virus safety exercise was conducted six weeks prior to the outbreak of this epidemic. Same team is now busy manufacturing anti-coronavirus vaccine. The master planner Israel has also produced a drug to treat this virus which will be available in markets in next 4-5 months. Sudden upsurge of fatalities and infected cases has bred uncertainty and anxiety. Anxiety has led to restlessness and fright, and panic is impacting immune system. Covid-19 attacks humans gripped with fear, having weak immune system and suffering from malnourishment.”

Further, Raja claims that the US was seeking to destroy the Chinese economy but actually the reverse has happened “that there is some strange connection somewhere between this Hollywood movie and Chinese calamity. Late Saddam Hussain had revealed in 1991 that USA had threatened to spread coronavirus in Iraq. This virus is in existence for the last 70 years. As I put two and two together, the picture became clearer. It could be a fantasy, but there could be some truth in what I see from my lens. It seems a deliberate plan was made to ostracize China by painting it a contagiously diseased country from which the rest of the world should stay away. Just to remind, in 2015 Bill Gates had predicted the outbreak of virus. Trump and his officials rebounded by naming Covid-19 as Chinese virus. There are suggestions that Chinese Americans are spreading virus in USA. Some quarters are talking that China might have planned to destroy US economy and shatter dreams of Trump to make US great again through bio attack. They say, how come Beijing remained safe, and how come Russia and North Korea are safe from Covid-19? Gossipers say that while USA tried to crash the stock market and economy of China through bio attack, China played the master stroke by staying calm when value of Chinese currency declined and share prices slid down by 44%. When the prices fell down sharply, President Xi ordered to buy all the shares of US and European companies in one go. By the time the financial sharks realized that they had been taken for a ride, it was too late. China pocketed 30% of their shares and earned $2000 billion. China has now become majority shareholder of these foreign companies.”

Finally, Raja ends his piece by extolling Pakistan’s ability to withstand any threat “War on terror which claimed 76000 lives, lethal dengue fever, and Indo-US belligerence didn’t scare the Pakistanis. Nor will corona virus. There is a popular saying among Pakistanis. They say instead of closing educational institutes, shutting markets and movement, and confining them to homes, if news channels are closed for two months, corona virus would die its own death.”

That there are others who have given in to this conspiracy theory can be seen from this Facebook video of former Ambassador of Pakistan to the UN, Hussain Haroon: