Sovereignty and Shame


Our precious sovereignty has been breached once again by a foreign military who seems to come and go as they please. You know exactly who I am talking about. Or do you? Judging by media reports and statements from officials, it is obvious that I am talking about the American drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor. However, notice that there are two foreign militaries involved in that situation, US and Taliban, but we are only angry about one and not the other.

Balochistan Home Minister said today that six Afghan spies have been caught. This adds to the list of dozens of RAW agents that keep getting arrested inside Pakistan. However even this is a drop in the bucket. Interior Minister has declared that thousands of foreign spies are roaming our streets!

‘Thousands’ may still be too small, though. In a statement refusing to admit that Mullah Mansoor was killed in Pakistan, Ch Nisar admitted that ‘About 30,000 people cross the border on daily basis and there is no monitoring system’. 30,000 people crossing on a daily basis!

Even sports clubs are getting in on the action. Pakistan Hockey Federation banned Tiger Club due to alleged involvement in human trafficking, and in an even more embarrassing case the government paid for the fake ‘Belgian cricket team‘ that was put together by some PMLN officials in London.

Yes, Pakistan has a sovereignty problem. Our borders are not respected by anyone, but most of all not even by ourselves. Aren’t we basically inviting our sovereignty to be violated when we allow mujahideen to come and go at their own free will? Surely we must expect that spies will follow. Aren’t we inviting our sovereignty to be violated when we use sports to move people in and out illegally? When even our own officials are responsible? Our shame is not that our sovereignty is being violated, it is that we are actually willing to allow it.



Author: Muhammad Butt