Pakistan drowning



I have not commented on the child abuse scandal in Kasur because what words can be said that could bring any sense to such an atrocity? It is pure evil. There can be no question. And it took place here in the ‘Land of the Pure’. It was not carried out by RAW or CIA. It was not covered up Westernised secular politicians working for their Hindu-Zionist masters. It was carried out by evil men. It was covered up by cowardly politicians and police. And worst of all, it was, it was all done openly. How could it be a secret when the CDs of the abuse were being sold for Rs50? This was not a terrible secret, it was a terrible reality. It sickened me to my core. However, the knife was only twisted by the reactions that came.

There were the ‘cool heads’ like Ejaz Haider who told us to keep things in perspective. This type of abuse happens everywhere, he says. Surely it was not his intention, but the fact is that his ridiculous attempt to show that he is above emotional response unquestionably comes across as downplaying the seriousness of the crime.

Obviously Haider saab was only playing his usual role as the retired military officer cum pseudointellectual analyst protecting Pakistan’s honour. Even he was not as callous as some media houses who even reported that it WAS a conspiracy.

Then there are the self-serving spin-walas like Ahmed Quraishi who took advantage of these poor abused children once again to serve his own agenda.

So much of the reaction from the expected corners falls into a usual pattern: Denial.

Child abuse is not a good thing, but it happens everywhere. Why make a big deal of it?

Child abuse is not a good thing, but this case is being blown out of proportion. It was just a land dispute.

Child abuse is not a good thing, but it is the fault of corrupt Westernised politicians, not real Pakistanis.

Then I was read another article unrelated to the Kasur tragedy, and yet at the same time it was perfectly related. It was the story of a so-called father who preferred to watch his own daughter drown to death rather than let Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department save her because he believed that being touched by an unknown man would dishonour her.

Pakistan is drowning. We are drowning in a sea of extremism. We are drowning in a sea of rape and violence that goes unstopped because we would rather watch our country drown than face the embarassment to admit there is a problem.