The Price of Ambition


KP Govt Warned about Peshawar Attack

One of the most glaring questions that received little to no attention directly following the devastating attack against APS Boys Peshawar was the question of how such an attack could once again take place under our noses without ever being detected. Now, it turns out, it was detected. Only nobody did anything to stop it.

A newly released document shows that PTI government in KP was warned about the attack before it happened, but did not act on the warning. The warning came during a time when Imran Khan and PTI leadership were still pursuing their dream with seizing PM’s house through street protests, giving some to believe that the warning went unnoticed because PTI/KP officials were so obsessed with Islamabad and Karachi that even terrorism alerts went ignored.

141 innocent lives is too high a price to pay for our unwillingness to address the problem of extremism in society. 141 innocent lives is far too high a price to pay for political ambition.


Author: Mahmood Adeel