The Devil is in the Definition


hafiz saeed samiul haq sheikh rasheed hamid gul munawar hasan

We have reached a consensus. Zero tolerance for terrorism. Terrorism will not be allowed to flourish on our soil. All terrorist groups will be dealt with across the country. Ban on death penalty has been lifted and already six hardcore terrorists have been dispatched to hell. So we are in a agreement about one thing: We are all against terrorism. The problem is we don’t agree about what is the definition of ‘terrorism’.

We all agree that the killing of the wives and children of Army men is no less than a crime against humanity. We all agree that TTP are terrorists. Imran Khan says that we have to stand united to defeat the terrorists, but has anyone asked him if he still believes that Afghan Taliban are fighting a holy war justified by Islamic law? Hafiz Saeed has condemned the terrorist attack against APS Boys in Peshawar, but has anyone asked him if he is still supporting jihad in US and India?

Actually, the answer to the last question is as plain as the writing on the wall.

Jamaat-ud-DawaUnder immense pressure, even Abdul Aziz has finally condemned the Peshawar attack and apologised for not speaking against it sooner. Will he now also rename the ‘Osama bin Laden Library‘?

A change of heart takes more than a change of words. Saving our country from the disastrous path we are on is not simply a question of uniting against terrorism. First, we must unite on what the definition of terrorism is. Until then, absolutely nothing will change.




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