Mansoor Ijaz continues to contradict himself


Mansoor IjazSince I wrote a few days ago that memogate has begun to disintegrate, Mansoor Ijaz’s bizarre story has continued to crumble to pieces. When I listened as the would-be coup maker lost his cool and started yelling uncontrollably on Lekin on Friday night, I realised that he sounded like a cornered animal who knows that the chase is up. Since then, he has continued to backtrack and try to explain the growing list of inconsistencies and contradictions in his fantastic tale. Today he claims that it is his ‘good friend’ Gen. Jones who has memory problems. Just like his ‘good friend’ Husain Haqqani is a liar, the State Department is jealous of him and the White House doesn’t know what it’s talking about. According to Mansoor Ijaz, all his ‘friends’ are either stupid or liars and only he is telling the truth. Except what is the ‘truth’ to Mansoor Ijaz seems to change from day to day.

On Friday, Mansoor Ijaz changed his story about DG ISI Shuja Pasha plotting a coup against the civilian government.

The message published on the blog states: I was just informed by senior US intel that GD-SII Mr P asked for, and received permission from senior Arab leaders a few days ago to sack Z. For what its worth.

It is clearly written in the message that permission was asked for and given.

However Ijaz speaking on Geo News program Lekin said the following: “no one ever said to me (Ijaz) that General Pasha received permission from somebody to conduct a coup, that’s not what they said.”

Today, Mansoor Ijaz is telling that ‘three high-level Pakistani officials jointly prepared memogate’. Apparently he forgot that he claimed last month that ‘The memo’s content in its entirety originated from him’, referring to Husain Haqqani. Who knows what he’ll claim tomorrow?

The Mansoor Ijaz saga was bizarre to begin with. Now it’s just silly. How long is the court going to let such a circus distract the nation from the grave issues such as militancy, education, economy and energy shortage? If you ask me, that’s the real scandal.



Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. Dear Adeel, Congratulations on your objective and unbiased work. Supreme court needs to do the same & stop wasting precious funds n resources of the country on “investigating” frivolous news stories.

    • Ehsan, you are exactly right. How many times has the Supreme Court jumped on some frivolous news story and wasted precious time and resources only to discover what was obvious to everyone already which is that it was just another TV drama. Meanwhile banned groups are holding public rallies in Lahore. Why doesn’t the court take notice of this which is reality?

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