Chinese officials name Pakistan as source of militancy


Chinese authorities are pointing at Pakistan as the source of militancy in the Xinjiang province.

Chinese police respond to militant attack in XinjiangChinese authorities on Monday accused Pakistan-trained Uighur separatists of planning and executing the first of two deadly attacks over the weekend that struck the ancient Silk Road town of Kashgar in China’s far-western Xinjiang region.

As the death toll rose to at least 18, the Kashgar city government said in a written statement that one of the surviving attackers had confessed that the group’s ringleader had gone to Pakistan for training in bomb- and gun-making by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a small Uighur group that advocates independence for Xinjiang.

“This is not a standalone incident. It is another terrorist act, plotted and planned by a small number of adamants in the current special circumstances,” the statement read.

When I wrote last month that China is not going to sit quietly while militant extremists use Pakistan as a play ground, I took some abuse from people who believe our own myths that China is an “all weather friend” who will stand by us even when jihadis are attacking them.

Let me tell you, when militants start raining death, the weather becomes unbearable. If we do not eradicate militancy from our borders, we will find ourselves not only isolated from the Americans but from the Chinese also. And if India, USA, and China are all against – who will we turn to then? We are running out of excuses and saviours.

Allowing militant training camps in the borders is a direct threat to our own national security. Not because these militants are immediately attacking us (though we have seen how quickly rabid dogs will turn to bite the hand that feeds him), but because by the countries that are attacked will decide that if we cannot take care of the problem, they will take care of it for us.

America is thousands of miles away. Their patience will be much greater than a neighbor we share a border with. If China is starting to name Pakistan as the source for militancy in their Western provinces, how long do you think before their patience runs out? Isn’t it better that we take care of the problem before they do…


Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. International Herald Tribune the overseas copy oy NYT made
    this report.Yesterday August02 editorial of the Express Tribune accused Chinese Government of extremist policies
    towards the Uighars.Your write up is very provocative by
    suggesting that sooner or later we will face 1962.Have you
    sent your analysis to the Chinese Press Attache so as to
    analyse their views on this matter reported by western media.Even if Pakistan comes very hard on those supporting
    the Uighar rebellion.There are two venues from where all kinds of support will be provided under the ‘Umbrella’ from Afghanistan(Wakan)and Kirghizstan.Either you play dumb so as to protect your vested interest or you are on
    the wrong track.

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