Existential Threat


No More ExcusesI recently wrote that Syed Munawar Hasan’s poor excuses for terrorist jihadis were complete nonsense, and that his claim that militants are attacking because of some “prolonged injustice and tyranny” flies in the face of all reason. Husham Ahmed observes that the JI leader is doing more than just making excuses for terrorists, though – he is justifying a culture of death.

I pointed out the ridiculousness of the JI Amir just the other day.

Next, if “extremist is the result of prolonged injustice and tyranny”, please let this man explain what is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by Ahmedis in Lahore? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that was committed by the Christians in Gojra? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by Shias who have been the victims of extremist militancy? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by people who are going to Data Darbar, Abdur Rehman Baba, or Baba Farid?

Husham Ahmed sees a pattern in the targets of these jihadis, though – they are attacking the very culture of Pakistan.

Those who have been perpetrating such attacks are very clear in what they are doing. Sadly, we are not. This is not indiscriminate violence nor are these senseless attacks. The targets selected by the terrorists are symbolic in nature. This is an attack on the culture and practices followed by the majority. Yet our state of denial still exists. Even after all these years, we still hear statements like, ‘Who are these people?’ and, ‘They can not be Pakistanis’ and of course, ‘No Muslim can do it’ not only from common citizens but also from the authorities. There are people among us who very conveniently put the blame on ‘foreign elements.’ As we refuse to realise that we are in a state of war against an ideology of hate and intolerance, which very much threatens to subdue the majority, we will continue to be attacked by them. This ideology is practiced by only a few militant organisations and banned outfits. As long as we allow the few bigots to dictate to us what is right and what is wrong, we will continue to be terrorised.

We are facing an existential threat as a nation. Ahmed Qureshi and his band of merry Useful Idiots may be willing to make excuses to help their careers just like Syed Munawar Hasan and his jamaati followers, but it is not the Americans or NATO or even the Indians who are trying to kill the very heart and soul of this nation, it is the jihadi militants which nobody seems willing to admit.

While our courts are busy setting the price of sugar and making petty power struggles with the parliament, our streets are being taken over by a band of killers that are not fighting against some “Western hegemony” or “Zionism” or “Indian aggression” – they are trying to wipe out Pakistan’s own culture, our own history and our own people are the targets.

No more excuses.


Author: Mahmood Adeel


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