Syed Munawar Hasan’s Poor Excuses For Terrorism

Syed Munawwar Hasan’s Poor Excuses For Terrorism

Syed Munawar Hasan is making excuses for the terrorist militants who are killing our own people. In an article in The News of 1 November 2010, the JI chief is quoted to say:

He said terrorism could be countered through dialogue and not through the use of force. This was a clear lesson of history and the warring groups had to come to the negotiation table, he added. Extremism, he said, was the result of prolonged injustice and tyranny.

The war on terror was the US war and the US wanted to control the entire region, he stressed. He said sooner Pakistani rulers dissociated from this war, the better it would be for the country and the nation.

Where to begin?

If terrorism can be countered through dialogue only, why have all the previous attempts to negotiate settlements with Taliban militants failed? The SHAKAI Agreement from 2004, Sararogha peace deal, Mirahshah peace deal, Kalosha in 2004…there is a long list of such dialogues that only ended in increased attacks by these same militants. How many ceasefires and truces have to be violated by extremist militants before we recognize that they cannot be trusted?

Next, if “extremist is the result of prolonged injustice and tyranny”, please let this man explain what is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by Ahmedis in Lahore? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that was committed by the Christians in Gojra? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by Shias who have been the victims of extremist militancy? What is the prolonged injustice and tyranny that has been committed by people who are going to Data Darbar, Abdur Rehman Baba, or Baba Farid?

Actually the “prolonged injustice and tyranny” is being committed by TTP, LeT and other militant extremists against the innocent people of Pakistan.

As for whether or not the US wants to control the entire region, might it better be asked who is giving the Pakistan military $2 billions of support? If the US was trying to “control the entire region” why would they be providing these billions to secure Pakistan’s defense?

And while the US is providing equipment, training, and support for our own military, who is it that is launching attacks on GHQ and police buildings and military posts on the border? Who is it that is killing our own soldiers in Swat? Of course it is the very militants that Syed Munawar Hasan is defending to this very day.

Last week Bangladeshi security forces arrested 20 senior leaders and cadres of JI in their own country where they found some bomb making materials and anti-state leaflets also.

Should we also be considering the same?

Author: Mahmood Adeel

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Author: Mahmood Adeel