Mullen: Kashmir issue must be resolved!


Addressing foreign correspondents, US Admiral Mike Mullen called for progress in settling the Kashmir issue. He highlighted the importance of a peaceful resolution in Kashmir in bringing out peace and stability to the entire region.


“In the long run, resolution of the border in the east in Kashmir is a very important outcome. Obviously, that is a principal concern to India and Pakistan. But there is a concern to many others in terms of stability of the region,” he said.


Admiral Mullen welcomed the recent declaration by India that it would soon withdraw its troops from Kashmir.


Though he conceded much had to be done, it was an optimistic and hopeful military admiral that spoke at length about the future of the South Asia region.


He also emphasized his commitment to Pakistan’s war against the insurgency along the Pak-Afghan border.


We can interpret the words of Admiral Mullen as continued American efforts to bring out stability in Pakistan.