Priority Should be PAKISTAN, Not Politics


There is a renewed spirit sweeping through our country, one that is optimistic and ready to work hard towards a stable and prosperous Pakistan. Sadly, the fact remains there are still some Pakistanis who are too busy playing ugly politics and employing cheap tactics to get ahead. We must not allow them to so easily sidetrack the nation.

Instead of focusing on the plethora of present issues and future programs for Pakistanis, these individuals are stuck in the past, choosing to regurgitate old and unproven allegations against President Zardari.

It is vital that we look back at the time when all these allegations were brought to court. The glaring facts are that the politically motivated nature of these allegations was brought to light via tapes of conversations…between the prosecutors and the trial judge in 2001!  That was an appalling truth, and the common man was able to recognize fraudulent behavior and absurdity when he saw it! It should also be noted a higher court forced those corrupt judges to resign.

Those matters should stay in the past, where they have undergone a thorough investigation handled by a competent court system. It is a disgrace to imply Pakistani courts erred in their decision, and it is essentially wrong to spew such lies with acidic vitriol that we are seeing today.

In a June 2005 article for “The Nation,” Maj Gen. Ahsan Ahmed expressed sadness that this was still a relevant issue. He wrote, “The media trial of politicians in general and of Benazir Bhutto and her spouse in particular has been carried out so vociferously that at least part of the population in the country and abroad started believing it without knowing facts about these politically motivated and thoroughly fabricated cases… They might have succeeded in distorting the perceptions of a few in the country or abroad but what they are doing is opposite to the teachings of the Holy Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). That’s why truth is prevailing at the cost of falsely created perceptions & will go on to prevail finally. Insha Allah!

How sad that this is in today’s media at all…but I repeat his call for the truth.

I trust the Pakistanis will focus on real concerns, and not nonsensical non-issues.