Pakistanis Must Stand Together


Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers are well known for their motto, “All for one, and one for all.” This motto is well taken to heart by Pakistanis across the world.

During a recent address to women parliamentarians visiting the US, Ambassador Haqqani called on the Pak-American community to stand unite to protect and promote the social and economic interests of the country. With the ongoing struggle to defend the Pakistani homeland, this advice could not be more important.

In recent days, we have seen Pakistani’s rise up against the Taliban militants who are trying to turn the country backwards. And we have seen the ruthless carnage that Taliban militants will wreak if they are not stopped.

But these vicious attacks will not defeat the Pakistani spirit. These are but the desperate gasps of a defeated band of murderers and thugs.

Today, Pakistani military are beginning military operations in Waziristan, and will soon drive the Taliban out of the region.

Pakistan’s army and paramilitary forces have deployed troops in the semi-tribal area between the northern Bannu district and Waziristan.

“We have imposed an indefinite curfew,” local police in Bannu told the BBC.

Waziristan is controlled by Taliban militants and is said to be where al-Qaeda leaders have found safe haven.

The tribal region has been described by US officials as “the most dangerous place on earth”.

It is said to harbour some of the world’s most wanted men including al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.

As the military is targeting these murderers, Pakistanis themselves are standing together to rid their villages of the Talib menace.

Twenty-seven Taliban militants were killed in northwestern Pakistan as tribesmen secured four villages in the Upper Dir district and the military carried out an operation in the Peochar Valley, the army said.

The public support may boost the Pakistani military’s momentum in defeating the Taliban, Blair said. The history of U.S. operations has shown that those without such backing can’t “maintain that intensity” needed for victory, he said.

When Pakistan stands united together, its people cannot be defeated. This threat of terror and violence is an assault against Pakistani culture and will not prevail against a united Pakistan.