Threatening US with Nukes Hurts Pakistan


President Joe Biden’s letter to PM Shahbaz Sharif notwithstanding, the U.S.-Pakistan relationship is not returning to the days of Zia or Musharraf.

At such a time, threatening the U.S. with nuclear strikes if the U.S. sanctions Pakistan over the Iran-Pakistan pipeline is not naivete, it is dangerous. Former Senator Faisal Raza Abedi may have gained some additional followers on social media, but his remarks have only led more Americans – both policy makers and the lay public – to view Pakistan not only as a dangerous country but also an ungrateful former ally.

Similarly, claims by celebrity cricketer and former prime minister Imran Khan and his supporters notwithstanding, there is no groundswell of support for Imran in the U.S. and nor do either Biden or former President Trump care about Khan’s well being or future. Thinking about anything else is pure hubris, which is predictable when it comes to Khan and his cult-like following.

What Pakistan’s policymakers – civilian and military – should focus on instead is how to improve Pakistan’s economy and its relations with its South Asian neighbors and Middle Eastern partners as that will change Pakistan’s relations with the U.S. and other countries.


Author: Muhammad Butt