There is no military solution to Kashmir

locAs firing once again increases along the Line of Control, let us remember the one indisputable fact of the matter: There is no military solution. This is a fact for Pakistan and India, both, and the sooner the two nuclear powers acknowledge this fact, the sooner a real and sustainable solution can be put into place and the Kashmiri people can finally enjoy the peace and justice that they have sought since long.

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Kargil 2.0?

Location of fighting Shala Bhata

A few weeks ago I suggested that while all focus has been on the debate over peace talks with TTP, an operation with serious repercussions for national security was quietly taking place on the Line of Control in Kashmir. I asked at the time, Is Nawaz once again being cornered by ISI/Jihadis? Despite statements made to international media and meetings held across Pakistan, the media has largely ignored these developments, choosing instead to roll out the same old faces to repeat the same old anti-India rhetoric that we have heard since long. While we were distracted, though, new developments have continued to take place, with worrying prospects for peace.

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