Is the curtain coming off Pakistan Tehreek-e-ISI?

Brig Ijaz Shah on stage with Imran Khan

PTI has faced accusations of being supported by ISI since long. Imran Khan has always denied these allegations, even offering to quit politics forever if anyone can provide proof that PTI has taken money from the spy agency. Suspicions persist, however, and questions are likely to continue after the appearance of a certain agency figure on stage with Imran Khan.

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The Obvious Answer to Court’s Questions About Articles 62 and 63

Supreme Court of Pakistan

A three member bench of the Supreme Court has requested the Chief Justice to weigh in on the proper interpretation of Articles 62 and 63 – articles that require elected officials to be “good Muslims” and prohibits them from defaming the Armed Forces. The respected Justices decision to send this request to the Chief Justice instead of answering the question themselves speaks to the task at hand. In fact, it is an impossible task.

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Wagah Warning

Wagah mourning

Sunday’s attack at Wagah border killed over 50 people and injured hundreds. It was the worst attack since months in Pakistan, and serves as a terrible warning of the direction the country is headed if the existing national security strategy is not radically changed.

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“Homeland” Problems – Theirs…and Ours


Today in Pakistan, we face a number of growing problems. From the skyrocketing of preventable diseases to poverty and corruption to the spread of violence fueled by religious extremism, Pakistan has become engulfed in crisis. Instead of working to fix the problems, however, too many of our ‘best and brightest’ are expending their energy to cover them up in a well intentioned but misguided effort to improve Pakistan’s image.

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The Message of Kashmir ‘Million March’

Kashmir Million March

Pakistani protestors delivered a strong message in London, but it was perhaps not the message they had hoped for. Promoted as ‘Million March’ for Kashmir, the demonstration was meant to sensitize the world on the tragic issue of Indian occupation of Kashmir. Instead, it only sensitized the world on the acute political polarization among Pakistanis.

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