Gov’t and Clerics Unite to Regulate Madrassas

In an effort to improve the education system in Pakistan, the government and the country’s clerics have approved the creation of the Madrassa Regulatory Authority (MRA). This much-needed and comprehensive initiative is evidence of the government’s dedication to passing laws and creating systems that will have long-lasting positive impact.


Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters the second round of talks between the government and the Ittehad Tanzeemul Madaris (ITM) ended on Thursday. The clerics had agreed on the MRA’s creation and had given names for possible chairman candidates. The post would have to approved by Prime Minister Gilani, as the MRA would function under the Education Ministry.


The minister said the government had completely banned the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and it was not involved in carrying out any activity in the country. Stern action would also be taken against those elements found to be involved in distributing extremists’ literature at the country’s madrassas, he warned.


The fact is, our madrassas serve as the religious schools in our society. The way our youth have been taught about Islam has been terrible. Taking the peaceful and loving faith of Islam and using it as a tool to brainwash our children for political agendas was absolutely unacceptable. The government and clerics should be lauded for their coordinated effort to improve and streamline education, allowing children a better future and stopping our religion from being exploited.


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