Imran Khan: Wrong Direction for Pakistan


“What can one say about Imran Khan?”

So begins Nadeem Paracha’s latest blog “The Froth of Khan”, and it is a compelling query into the man with all the makings of a forward-thinking, beloved politician.

He was a champion cricketer, a bona fide superstar not only in Pakistan but internationally. He demonstrated immense compassion for the people of Pakistan through his noblea philanthropic works. His entry into politics seemed to signal a new era of Pakistani politics, as Mr. Paracha writes, “a new, democratic, and General Zia-less Pakistan.”

It is now painfully obvious we were sadly mistaken. Khan’s cricket talents clearly did not translate over into his new career, nor has he earned the right to a “learning curve.” Indeed, his antics and opinions are becoming increasingly absurd.

Imran Khan, favorite son of Pakistan, has given into a twisted perspective which has adopted a wildly revised history and utterly paranoid narrative.

Paracha writes:

As such, this narrative is highly anti-democracy, and thus looks at Pakistan’s ethnic and sectarian diversity and plurality suspiciously and akin to being a danger to Pakistan’s ideological singularity premised on the belief that there is only a single, homogenous strain of faith and nationalism that thrives (or should thrive) in Pakistan.

It boggles the mind that Khan fails to understand the very populist rants him and his friends enjoy giving on the topics of poverty and corruption are the exact words elites have been saying for years, whilst they continue policies that produce the exact results.

Some examples of his illogical and troublesome behavior:

• Imran Khan claimed that Einstein’s equation ‘E=MC2’ meant nothing and was actually another step by the Zionists in their march towards world domination.

• He claimed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry too was ‘planted’ by western and Israeli agencies.

• Regarding Babar Ghauri, an MQM leader with a dark complexion, Khan ridiculed him by saying, “Ghauri was sitting (talking to me) on TV, so what should I say to this guy? I (wanted to tell him), Babar Ghauri, if I go to Africa, I can show you a hundred kids that look like you!”

• As a guest on Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk, Khan went off-topic and persisted in warning Mir and fellow guest Sheikh Rasheed of the “deadlock between the executive and judicial branches,” that would doom the country.

Imran Khan is writing a story in which Pakistan is doomed unless he is allowed to come in and continue the failed policies of the past decades but achieve different results. If that sounds like some sort of insanity, it is because it does.

Imran Khan has ruined his legacy and embarrasses himself every time he speaks. He represents the exact wrong direction for Pakistani politics, which is truly sad because he could have been a real leader for the Pakistani middle class. The irony is, if the middle class goes down the path of Imran Khan politics, it would be a disaster for the country and a giant leap backwards.




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