Talibanization of Pakistani Society Happening: Human Rights Watchdog


Pakistan has long been a society that is not for women of all ages something that is becoming reinforced in recent times. It appears Talibanization of Pakistani society is growing, starting with women’s rights and education.

For the last few weeks videos are being circulated on social media platforms in which right-wing clerics are urging parents to pull their daughters out of school on grounds that schooling is associated with ‘obscenity’. In another video, certain clerics have denounced women’s use of mobile phones on similar grounds.

Pakistan’s leading human rights watchdog, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in a statement noted, “The language used in these videos is not only derogatory but also abusive and potentially an incitement to violence. Such deep-seated misogyny must be curtailed at once. With an estimated 12 million girls out of school, widespread cultural restrictions on women’s mobility and an alarmingly high incidence of violence against women and girls, Pakistan cannot afford to give any space to derogatory and anti-women rhetoric.”

HRCP called upon the Pakistani state to “counter such narratives through strong and consistent public service messages that uphold girls’ right to education—as is their constitutionally protected right under Article 25A—as well as women’s digital rights more generally.”



Author: Alia Khan