Imran Khan’s Antics, and his cult, continue to threaten Pakistan democracy & stability


Former prime minister Imran Khan massive ego leads him to imagine that everything he does is for the benefit of Pakistanis – but his antics are actually hurting Pakistan, domestically and on the global arena. His rallies, his long march, his threats of violence and political turmoil are all harmful for Pakistani democracy and threaten people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.


The country also continues to face other threats and challenges.


The continuing impunity for perpetrators of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings remains a cause for serious concern. There has also been an uptick in mob violence, with two men lynched recently in Karachi on groundless suspicions that they were kidnappers.


The people in Swat have long warned of the rise in militancy and the state needs to do a better job to protect its citizens instead of letting them face the brunt of extremist-fueled violence.


The country is once again witnessing attacks against minorities.


As the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) recently noted “The deliberate and insidious marginalization of the Ahmadiyya community—most recently in the shape of declarations of faith being made mandatory to register a marriage—is cause for grave concern. HRCP also calls on the state to ensure that Scheduled Castes in Sindh are given their due representation in government and that their right to freedom from any manner of discrimination is protected. The malicious campaign against the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018 must cease and the provincial governments must also enact legislation to protect the rights of transgender persons.” It is also critical to ensure every Pakistani’s right to freedom of expression, assembly and association. The HRCP condemned the latest FIR lodged against Manzoor Pashteen at the Asma Jahangir Conference.



Author: Nida Paras