‘Former Ambassador & Army Officer writes open letter to General Bajwa’




Pakistan continues its downward spiral, on the political, social, and economic front.

Recently, Kamran Shafi, former Ambassador of Pakistan to Cuba, a former army officer, and former press secretary to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto wrote an open letter to COAS General Qamar Bajwa.

In his open letter on twitter, Amb Shafi stated: “My Dear General Bajwa, Pakistan is today in dire straits because of the unlawful dismissal of the elected government of the PMLN and the consequent rigging of election 2018 in broad daylight on camera caught and published in the world’s media to Pakistan’s undying shame. Some cartoons in the London Telegraph, owned by Immi Khan’s friends also showed you holding the bat for him, little boy Immi standing on your boots with a bat.”

Further, Shafi wrote “The effect of bringing this fool into power because you felt uncomfortable with Nawaz Sharif cautioning you that the World was closing in on our tamashas of using proxies abroad (and for keeping our own politicians in line), and that we had to tell the world that we were not a terrorist, hard state, and that we believed in regional peace and amity. The exact same message you gave in Rawalpindi two years after Mr. Nawaz Sharif had been got rid of you well know how he was got rid of.”

Finally, as Shafi points out, “General, the long and the short of it is that Pakistan is sinking fast in every field: Whether it is food production; economic well-being; the people being able to even get three liters of petrol for their motorcycles every week. For God’s sake and the country’s please lift your/ISI’s umbrella off the ‘#GoofOnHoof’ and let politics do its thing. Understand, for the sake of the country that your enterprise has failed all ends up. Please, do not give Pakistan any more pain. Indeed, if you think Army Generals can do a better job running the country than fairly elected democrats, please declare Martial Law, and be done with it!!”


Author: Nasir Saeed