Qazi Isa Case Reflects Establishment Desperation


Often in a country’s history, it is prudent for the government of the day to move on, instead of continuing with a policy that will only lead to more chaos. But governments are often unable to do so. The Imran Khan led government’s inability to move beyond the Justice Qazi Faez Isa case is one such occasion.


As an Editorial in the Dawn points out it is “inadvisable for the government to rake up the matter. The move smacks of desperation, whereas it is now time for acceptance. The government should let the matter rest and move on. No one benefits if the judiciary is dragged back into a public controversy that has run its legal course.”


However, the Khan government is ignoring all these warnings and tried to “file a petition in the Supreme Court, invoking an unheard of legal remedy, to challenge the apex court’s judgement on the review petition in the Justice Qazi Faez Isa case.” However, the petition, “filed under the term ‘curative review petition’ has been returned by the Supreme Court registrar office on the grounds that a second review petition could not be filed to challenge a decision that had come on a review petition.”


As the Dawn editorial notes, “It is heartening that the highest court in the land opened itself up for accountability, but now that the decision is final, the sad chapter should stand closed.”


Author: Nadia Shaikh