Establishment Attacked Dissidents While Leaving Indian Disinformation Unchecked


State and non state actors have long used propaganda and psychological warfare (psy war) against opponents. In recent years this has involved fake news, dead people, and defunct organizations to serve certain interests.

According to a recent report by EU DisinfoLab, for the last 15 years there has been a vast “global disinformation campaign to serve Indian interests” that used “a dead professor” “numerous defunct organisations” and “750 fake media outlets” to “discredit Pakistan internationally” and “influence decision-making at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and European Parliament.”

According to the report “”The actors behind the operation hijacked the names of others, tried to impersonate regular media such as the EU Observer… used the letterhead of the European Parliament, registered websites under avatars with fake phone numbers, provided fake addresses to the United Nations, created publishing companies to print books of the think-tanks they owned. They used layers of fake media that would quote and republish one another. They used politicians who genuinely wanted to defend women or minority rights to ultimately serve geopolitical interests and gave a platform to far-right politicians when convergent objectives could be reached.”

While EU DisinfoLab asserted “There is no evidence the network is linked to India’s government, but it relies heavily on amplifying content produced on fake media outlets with the help of Asian News International (ANI) – India’s largest wire service and a key focus of the investigation.” Yet, “EU DisinfoLab researchers, who are based in Brussels, believe the network’s purpose is to disseminate propaganda against India’s neighbour and rival Pakistan. Both countries have long sought to control the narrative against the other.”

Pakistan’s government immediately tried to use this report to claim that all dissidents, from SAATH Forum (who we at New-Pakistan support) to other individuals spread across the world, were ‘Indian agents.’

The EU DisinfoLab, however, immediately issued a statement pointing out that its latest investigation should not be seen as a vindication for Pakistan.

Many Pakistanis, however, including those who are pro-establishment, are now asking the question: Why is it that the Pakistani deep state that claims to be running 5th Generation warfare against all enemies was unable to find out about this disinformation campaign.