More Money for ISI, But Pakistan Lacks Funds for Education, Health


Pakistan’s deep state apparatus has sucked in more money than most other intelligence agencies around the world without providing the safety and security that Pakistanis need and instead spending most of its time and energy on harassing, intimidating, kidnapping, torturing and killing its own citizens. At a time with Pakistan needs to allocate more money for the economic and social wellbeing of its citizens, once again we hear that the ISI has asked for money to better spy on us!!!

According to a news story in Naya Daur, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved a ‘supplementary grant’ worth Rs1.66 billion to ‘upgrade’ a Special Telecom Monitoring Project for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). “A Special Education School will also be constructed at the Defence Complex in Islamabad, with the additional funds that the ECC has approved of up to Rs 500 million. The proposals for the ‘technical supplementary grants’ were moved by the defence division. The committee has also instructed the ministry of national security and research to ensure procurement of wheat as per 8.25 million tonnes target set for the public sector this year.”


Author: Muhammad Butt