Deep State uses Psy-war Techniques against Pakistani people, speaks of hybrid war


Pakistan’s security establishment’s paranoia about India have led it to periodically speak about how Pakistan’s various “enemies” indulge in psy-ops through “hybrid warfare.” At regular intervals opinion pieces will be published that on the face of it look normal enough and yet their motive is insidious.

In a recent piece titled ‘Hybrid Warfare in Pakistan — I,’ published in The Daily Times Pakistan the author spends the entire article laying out what is hybrid warfare and how countries like US, and China use it and then ends with this paragraph that explains the real motives for writing the article: “In Pakistan, low-level insurgency in Balochistan is particularly exacerbated by CPEC, which is not digestible for India, and for that it has launched a hybrid war against Pakistan. Similarly, Karachi has been a victim of hybrid war by India and some other forces that helped perpetuate the disability by providing training to proxies and giving safe havens to political mentors of proxies.”

Referring to the long lasting, violent and repressive movement in Balochistan as “low level” and aligning it with CPEC and India and referring to the Muhajir struggle in Karachi as “hybrid” warfare is an easy way to blame India for all of our problems instead of acknowledging that Pakistan needs to do more for its own citizens and grant them rights as per the Constitution. 


Author: Mahmood Adeel