Fascination with fake sites and fake praise for Pakistan continues


Wonders never cease, especially when it comes to the case of the Pakistani media. Our desire for praise by anyone prevents us from verifying its veracity.

New Pakistan has consistently sought to expose fake news. In 2018 we exposed both Global Village Space and Eurasia Futures for being fake news websites.Eurasiafuture.com and its website director Adam Garrie had alleged that Geo and Jang Group Editor in Chief, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman had links with Cambridge Analytica. After being legally threatened by the Jang/Geo, Mr Garrie and his website issued apologies, retracted their allegations and issued an undertaking that they will not repeat any false allegations ever again.

It was therefore interesting to see a story published in The News titled ‘Imran will be best Pak ruler after Quaid-e-Azam: British analyst,’ which quoted Adam Garrie, the same person

The News sued successfully for running a story against them last year!

According to the story “Adam Garrie, a geopolitical expert and Director of Eurasia Future Think Tank, has viewed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan has stood up to the United States from its position as a sovereign nation, and is demonstrating a clean break from the past. Well, when Imran Khan first came to power and formed his government just a few months ago I went out on a limb but very confidently saying that that he would be the best political ruler that Pakistan has had since the late and great Muhammad Ali Jinnah. … But if Imran continues on the path that he is pursuing I believe that Pakistan’s best days are very much ahead. Of course, there are economic problems which need to be solved, and are being solved. But in terms of foreign policy, I think Pakistan’s new government really is demonstrating that it’s a clean break from the past, not just in terms of who the prime minister is but in terms of what he is doing. He’s creating a new mentality in terms not only of the general political atmosphere but in terms of all the policies that all of them are very positive thus far.”


Author: Mahmood Adeel