Trump is obviously wrong…But so are we



US President Donald Trump announced America’s new Afghanistan policy today, which sounded very familiarly like America’s old Afghanistan policy. What has received the most attention, though, are his claims about our policy.

“We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe havens for terrorist organisations,” he said, warning that vital aid could be cut.

“We have been paying Pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting,” he said. “That will have to change and that will change immediately.”

The response from official quarters has been quick and strong. Politicians of all stripes  raced to the microphone to respond and remind the American President of how much Pakistan has suffered at the hands of terrorists, and some, like PTI’s Shireen Mazari, added empty threats of ‘a befitting response’.

The most honest and important reply actually came before Trump’s speech. Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor told reporters, referring to theh possibility that Trump would take a hard line against Pakistan, “Even if it comes…Pakistan shall do whatever is best in the national interest.” In other words, no change on our part. We will keep doing what we have always done.

Unfortunately, what we have always done is a failure. Despite the pleasing words from official sources, we have seen the state declare victory of Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad, only to see the same ‘defeated’ terrorists carry out massive attacks against innocent citizens. We have heard pleasing words about abandoning ‘good Taliban’ policies and support for so-called ‘pro-Pakistan’ militants, only to see the same militants announce that they are now preparing to enter the National Assembly.

America may be out of ideas in Afghanistan, but we are the ones suffering from our own failure to accept new ideas and new policies. We hold tightly to the same old failed policies like an anchor that is dragging us to the bottom of the ocean. Blaming Donald Trump and the Americans is easy and convenient. They may be wrong, after all. But we are victims of our own policies, and we have only ourselves to blame. It’s too bad none of our so-called leaders have the guts to say it.




Author: Mukhtar Ahmed


  1. No idea who you are or your blog but you are wrong.

    Pakistan is the lynchpin for a stable progressive “integrated” Central and South Asia. Last time I looked it was Pakistan making all the sacrifices and requesting collaboration not India

    India wants Pakistan to be a new Bhutan and is silent on the bone of contention which is first and foremost Kashmir, Indian Support for unsavoury Afghans linked to Afghan Intelligemce spreading terror to disrupt CPEC prime case is Kulbhushan Yadav. Secondly is the Indian desire ti destabilise Afghanistan under sectarianism to ensure Pakistans western front remains unstable.
    There have been numerous false flag ops in India to encourage the nation to go to war. 2 occasions come to mind and if Pakistan was conventionally not stronger – India would have declared war on Pakistan under false prerexts.

    Furthermore, Within the ASEAN countries one country remains an obstacle to regional integration and collaboration and that is India – fact!.

    Pakistan agreed must root out foreign and indigenous millitants but not at the expense to remove indigenous Kashmiri insurgency which is not terrorism but a right to self defence.

    Pakistan needs to do more with Iran and as long as the current corrupt Afghangivernment outside of Ashraf Ghani that is referring to remnants of Northern Alliance a key Indian proxy unfortunately the narrative against Pakistan in Affhanistan will not change.

    America has not laid repatriations for using Pakistan airspace, roads and infrastructure and wringly dresses this uo as Aid.

    Pakistan DOES not nees AID bit a recognition if OUR sacrifices. However the US is also plaging a regional game of chess that has zero to do about freedom and peace for ordinary Afghans.

    US is in no position to play offensive or make strategic uncalculated chess moves by pushing a major oartner Pakistan in the corner.

    There are other powers in the regiin ready to replace the US and it sure is not India.

    India is a market an economy but is not a major power that can passify the situation and India knows all too well NOT to put boots on the ground.

    USA must work with Beijing, Moscow, Riyadh, Ankara and Islamabad. New Delhi can be a participant but can not be a major driver as it does not hold major chips in this game – fact!.

    Trump blinkered by right wing nonsensical.advisor making anotjer blunder.

    It is high time Russia and China put un some bigger chips on the table because the US hand has shown itself and the writing on the wall for a US that is Indian centric is NOT GOOD for the region only serves the ex Norern Alliance remnants in government.

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