Pakistan Under Occupation?


By now you have certainly seen the photos of Motorway Police being attacked by truckloads of out of control Army personnel brandishing automatic weapons.

motorway police attacked by out of control Army men

Despite a near media blackout on the topic, it has become such an embarrassment on social media that GHQ has been forced to face the music and ISPR issued a public statement promising an inquiry.

Unfortunately, this is not the first ‘sad incident’ that has taken place. Who can forget the tragic story of Sarfaraz Shah, gunned down in cold blood by Pakistan Rangers.

This encounter, like the attack on Motorway Police, was caught on film otherwise what is the possibility of any inquiry? How many others were not so lucky? How many were never even reported? The answer is unknown, but there is a clue in one province where thousands of citizens simply vanish into thin air and thousands of bullet riddled and mutilated corpses appear later.

In the case where the attackers are caught on video, there is some chance that they will be punished. It will be termed as an ‘isolated incident’ and one or two will face some punishment to protect the reputation of the institution. The mindset, though, is laid bare on social media by other Army men who celebrate such attacks on their own fellow citizens.

army-man army-man-2 army-man-3

If this were taking place in Kashmir or Palestine we would not hesitate to call it an occupation. So what is it when the same is taking place in Pakistan?


Author: Omar Derawal