Imran Khan’s Sheer Hypocrisy Laid Bare


He is known as ‘U-Turn Khan’ because of his habit of quickly changing positions to suit himself such as his strong stance against drones when America was using them to his silent approval when Pakistan using them. However there is another element of Imran Khan’s personality that is not just changing positions, he also has different standards for himself and everyone else. In other words it is sheer hypocrisy.

This hypocrisy is making waves on social media since he has declared that offshore accounts are only for crooks…except he has a difference standard for his friend Aleem Khan.

Imran Khan offshore accounts for other people       CgeP-LBXIAArHnK

This is not the only incident, obviously, but just one example of Imran Khan’s true personality. There is also the time that Imran Khan blasted everyone for being not Pakistani enough, accusing the “Pakistani westernised elite who ape their former colonial masters” by wearing western clothes instead of shalwar kameez?

Imran Khan aping his colonial masters CgbToZHWwAER-w1

Imran Khan is a stage managed opportunist who changes his position to suit his ambitions. That is commonly known. But he is also a common hypocrite who criticises other people for not being ‘pure’ enough while holding himself, and his friends, to completely different standards.


Author: Mukhtar Ahmed