Terrorism So Routine We Hardly Notice It


On Tuesday, a mosque in Gwadar was damaged in a rocket attack. Same day in Gwadar, two were killed in another bomb attack. In Quetta, two were killed and seven more injured in a pair of bomb attacks targeting bazaars where hundreds of people were around. Police recovered a bomb planted near a private school in Matta Tehsil, and security forces discovered a 15-kg bomb in a house in Hangu.

This is four terrorist attacks in one day, and two more that were only narrowly avoided. Six in total. And yet they received almost no attention in the media. Why? Terrorist violence has become so routine that unless it is extraordinarily brutal, such as mass targeting of children.

It has been six months since COAS Gen Raheel Sharif announced that terrorists were ‘on the run‘ after Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Today, terrorism is not only ongoing in our country, it seems to have become accepted as a routine part of life.


Author: Mukhtar Ahmed