Forgive me Allah but I am losing hope


I do not often find myself at a complete lost for words. But what can be said? What can one say after 131 children are slaughtered in the name of religion? What can one say that has not already been said so many times? In a few short hours I have experienced a full range of emotions. I have been shocked. I have been angry. I have despaired. It is like a nightmare that repeats itself and I cannot wake up.

Today the nation is united in mourning and outrage, but I fear it will not last. Already there are vested interests trying to manipulate the tragedy for their own gain. Already there are those terming it as a ‘false flag’ operation that was actually carried out by ‘Raymond Davis Network’.

False Flag

It is being blamed on Indian RAW.


ISPR, COAS, and PM have all declared the terrorists as defeated, and yet they continue to carry out their attacks at will. The monsters carrying out these attacks do so in plain daylight, and yet we seem more willing to believe the stupidest conspiracies than what is right before our eyes.

131 children slaughtered.

131 children slaughtered.

131. Children. Slaughtered.

And within hours we are already making excuses for their killers.

Forgive me Allah but I am losing hope.



Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. Investigating the truth of who was behind the mass-murder is in no way excusing the actions of the murderers. Whoever it was, the great probability is that the hitmen were low-level mercenaries of a much larger, well-funded organization.

    The USA and Israel have been involved in literally dozens of false flags all over the world over the last several decades. (Do I really need to explain to you the physics of gravity, how resistance would slow down acceleration of 9.8m/s/s, or do you believe all the fairy tales reported by the US department of propaganda?)

    See whatreallyhappened dot com and you might start to get an idea of what is really going on.

    “CIA torture? Oh, look how bad those musniggers [sic] are, killing children, etc, etc. That justifies our torture. Now let’s go send more drones to kill innocents.”

    If your country is not with the Rothschild-Rockefellers, it is a terrorist nation. [sic]

  2. Who created the Taliban anyway?

    Who controls the opiate traffic in the region? (Most of the violence in the area is druglord-related.) Why is the brother of the Afghan president the opiate kingpin of Afghanistan, and why is he an official CIA agent?

    Loads of poppies, bloody black money that they use to fund terrorism worldwide.

  3. Do you also believe in the IS theatre? Iraqi nukes? The USS Liberty? Gulf of Tonkin? Pearl Harbour? 9/11? Iranian nukes? Syrian chemical weapons? Atrocities by the “human rights hero” Gaddafi? The Ukraine story?

    The US has bombed some 13 countries in the last 10 years. Difficult to count, with SpecOps happening in some 30 countries in Africa.

    Who is the real threat to the world? Occasionally they must manufacture a few false flags to gain the support of their populations.

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