Army’s ‘Coup Committee’


DG ISIS Zaheer-ul-Islam

Of the many questions have risen from the dual PTI-PAT protests that have rocked the nation, one of the most mysterious has been the question of timing. If the protests were really about election rigging, why now? Why over a year after elections? And why is it so important that PM resign immediately? The government may not have ushered in a new golden era for Pakistan, but it’s performance has not been outside an expected range. The mystery may be clearing up, though, as inside reports reveal that a group of Generals may have gone behind the back of the Chief of Army Staff and formed a ‘coup committee’ dedicated to overthrowing the government by hook or by crook – and their time is running out.

According to a new Reuters report, COAS Gen Raheel “is not interested in direct intervention”, but a secret cabal of Generals led by the ISI chief have their own plans.

Spy chief Zaheer-ul-Islam, one of the five departing officers, was among those pushing for the prime minister’s ouster, according to three senior government sources.

“It is not the army but elements within the ISI that have been backing Imran to get rid of Nawaz,” said one of the sources, referring to Pakistan’s most powerful security body, the military’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

In fact, this may explain the timing and sudden urgency of demands for the PM’s resignation. DG ISI Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam’s tenure is due to expire on 1st October – only a few short weeks away. And he’s not the only one. Also due to retire are Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Ashfaq Nadeem, Corps Commander Mangla Lt Gen Tariq Khan, Corps Commander Gujranwala Lt Gen Salim Nawaz, and Corps Commander Peshawar Lt Gen Khalid Rabbani.

Inside sources knowledgable about the group say DG ISI is not ready to retire, and is attempting to obtain an extension of his tenure with the backing of each of the previously mentioned Generals as well as Corps Commander Rawalpindi Lt Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa. If Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam’s appointment is allowed to expire without an extension, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will have an opportunity to replace him with his own selection – something the group of insurgent Generals has allegedly decided constitutes a ‘national security threat’ due to the PM’s policy of improving relations with India and a belief that he does not fully back the ISI’s Afghan cell.

COAS Gen Raheel continues to insist on letting political events take their course, but DG ISI and others may have other plans and it is unknown how long COAS will be able to resist this powerful group within Army/ISI leadership. In a disturbing turn of events, Pakistan may be facing not only a coup…but a mutiny.


Author: Shaista Sindhu


  1. It seems most unlikely seeing the Institution. Army is not like some political party where a member can decide at his own without knowledge or backing of his leader. It is either all or none and we have seen the same thing happening in 1999 when Nawas Sharif failed to create a rift between the Armed Forces. Zahir, Tariq Khan or anyone else do not have the requisite power to run the affairs at their own. One must find the reasons from within the politics instead of blaming Army every now and then. Anyhow, the write deserves applause for writing on a subject suiting our elite politicians as well as our enemies.

    • Its a hilarious write up . Army doesn’t work the way portrayed in this article. Get a life man. Retirement and selection is an on going process in Armed Forces. It doesn’t change for individuals.

    • Well as it happens, PAK Army does work that way. Remember Kargil? Remember how Ghulam Muhammad ended? Remember how Yahya Khan’s regime ended? Get your heads out of your arses.

  2. I have never seen so much hate of the Army by corrupt politicians who pay to get these kind of base less articles written without any facts. This is another crude attempt by the status co forces to malign Pak Army so they are on back foot. The fact of the matter is if they did not do corruption army would not have a reason this is why people have always supported the Pak Army. People want democracy but not this hypocrisy in the name of people. 95% of them r corrupt.

  3. Why now… Because no one listen. No justice from Parliment, courts and election commission.
    This is discussing to blame Army for Govs falear.

  4. It all what Jang & Geo.Group is propagating to create. Rift with in Army & malign ISI & weaken the best first line defense of Pakistan. Perhaps they don’t know what our Armed forces are? They are strong working Institutions working in the best interest of country.

  5. Outrageous. One can only pity those involved in such unfounded and unsubstantiated propaganda against national institutions, especially the Armed Forces. They become tools in the hands of country’s enemies; wittingly or unwittingly.

  6. All those praising army and ISI and not letting their illusions diluted should first study the 69 years history of pak. Every one is well aware ayub overthrew fatima ginnah by rigged elections, i believe that is in greater national interest as per army…how could the founders of nation be a threat to its nation?
    How zia replaced bhutto?..who created a monster like MQM?..
    Whose policies paved the way for talibanisation? And just go and see the interview of late Lt.general jamshed gulzar to know the reality of Mush..but despite all these proofs army is a holy cow..our foreign policy is crafted in ISI hq..this country has been steered by a group of so called soldiers gaurding their own benefits and still no one can point a finger on their blunders…civilain PMs can be executed, exiled but the one mush responsible for our on going miseries cant be put to a fair trial…what a bunch of stupid national interests!!!

  7. it is not written by shaista sindhu, it is blog written by hussain huqqani the absconder of high treason case.Ran away by the order of ex chief justice supreme court iftkhar choudhry. Hussain huqqani cia agent ,ex front man of first Nawaz sharif then bay nazeer bhutto and lastly Asif zardari ,he wrote this blog on yahoo site few days later.refering a source minister but not exposing the name of so called minister, it is his own catharsis , ill matured dream seen and with help of his masters he got the permission to write down such so called plan arranged by five generals expecting retirement before December. Pak army is a well managed, well maintained disciplined institution ,always work co under smart co ordination , it is impossible 5 generals are working with out knowledge of chief , it is devil plot of dirt politicians to creat rifft in Army , Army know the dirty peoples.

    • I shall only say”KEEP AWAY FROM THOSE WHO CONSPIRE AGAINST ARMY”.Pak Army is committed to national service and is performing in a befitting manner.

    • I think that many would like to know if Shaista Sindhu herself disclaims the piece in question. Also, if this is really hers, I think a few words about the sources would be in order. BTW, how did Hussain Haqqani, who is happily teaching at Boston University, come into this? Any who have read his book,will confirm that this is certainly not his prose style – unless he is a Master of Many Disguises..

  8. Well concocted story and I believe Army is not involved, at all. The procedural aspects of the active services can never be ignored. There seems no such chance and remember, if any thing was/is wrong in the bottom, the incident would have happened in third week of August. Nobody has to wait any disaster presently being faced.
    However, very pertinent to mention that both the persons ie Imran Khan and Qadri acted upon some signals from the enemy who achieved their goals pushing back the economic development of the country.

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