Nawaz Sharif’s Do Nothing Government


Nawaz Sharif Not Interested In Governing

Voters thought they were electing a government of PML (Nawaz), but what they got was a government of PML (Nothing). Since one year of power, the present government has done exactly that – nothing. Not one single law enacted. No Foreign Minister. No peace agreement. No anti-terrorism strategy. Nothing.

Actually, that’s not fair. It’s not like the Prime Minister has been merely sitting on his hands and whistling a tune. He has been quite busy in fact. Nawaz has taken 15 trips abroad! And his trips have been very productive too. For example the $1.5 billion ‘statistical discrepancy’ he received from Saudi!

Meanwhile, the common man faces increased terrorism, load shedding, and unemployment. Does Nawaz Sharif have any solution to these problems? Or does he plan to be ‘out of the country’ when things finally fall apart?


Author: Omar Derawal