Body of Hindu exhumed and desecrated after Imam incited a mob to remove it from a graveyard



Express Tribune reports that on plea that a Hindu can not be buried in a Muslim graveyard, a mob of people dug up the body of a Dalit man from Haji Faqeer graveyard in Badin district on Saturday and left it lying in the elements for hours while the man’s grieving family were intimidated and the police stood by doing nothing.

Asian Human Rights Commission has issued an urgent appeal on the matter requesting individuals to send letters to Prime Minister, Federal Law Minister and other government officials calling on them to provide protection to the Hindu families and journalists of the district Badin and to urge them to prosecute the high officials of the police from Badin for not stopping such ugly action and for not intervening against the attackers as well as for not arresting them.

It should also be noted that AHRC is writing a separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief calling for his intervention into this matter.