Imran Khan isn’t against America. He’s against the Jews who control America.


Controversy erupted yesterday when BBC Urdu published an interview with US Ambassador Cameron Munter in which the American diplomat said that both Nawaz and Imran Khan had privately assured him that if they were brought to power they would lead pro-American governments.

This obviously upset PTI supporters who began a full scale media campaign to prove that Imran Khan is not pro-American. Jahangir Tareen tweeted that “PTI is fiercely nationalistic” while the party’s Vice Dentist repeatedly denied that Munter ever mentioned Imran Khan (he did).

Imran Khan sidestepped the question until a few hours ago when he told reporters that he was “misquoted”, explaining that PTI is neither “pro nor against the US”, but against American policies. This is a common explanation, but it’s also usually a cop out. In Imran Khan’s case, though, there is more to the story.

Imran Khan is always very clear that he is not against the American people, only the policies of America’s government. Now, some say that you can’t separate the two completely because America is a democracy and the government is elected by the people. But Imran Khan knows that things are not that simple. America only looks like a democracy. In reality, though, it is secretly under the control of Israel. He explained this very clearly earlier this year.

He explained this further while talking to Talat Hussain a few weeks ago.

You see, it’s not America that Imran Khan is against. It’s the policies of the global Jew conspiracy against Pakistan’s and Iran’s nuclear programmes. So please, don’t put words in Imran Khan’s mouth. Just tell what he actually believes.


Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. The truth is that the american government is run by jews money.Read american Vatrans News,which calls USA a subodinate state of israel.
    As for as Minter is reported saying Imran & ML(n) are pro- american,it is the policy of american administration to sow doubts in the minds of Pakistanis,so that their pupit PPP & Zardari should rule the country as their slave.

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