Jalsa Wars 2: Wrath of Khan


Sipah-e-Sahaba flag flying at PTI dharna Karachi

SSP and JI flags flying at PTI dharna earlier this year

As N-league’s innings in the 2011 Jalsa Wars have ended, we prepare to meet the challenger. To learn more about Imran’s strategy, I turned to PTI HQ, also known as Facebook. The official Facebook page for Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao Jalsa in Lahore describes the event as:

“This is the official Event for the movement launched by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf during the Karachi Dharna on 23-24 May 2011. This Event will mobilize the nation for the next sit-in Lahore.””

In other words, PTI held a dharna in May to organize a jalsa in October to mobilize the nation for a sit-in at some time in the future. Truly, an extraordinary strategy for solving the many issues facing the nation.

Sunday’s rally will also find political watchers looking for the answer to the question of whether or not SMQ will finally announce if he is switching parties. He was noticeably absent from Friday’s PML-N rally, leaving many to wonder if it’s a sign that he has chosen PTI as his new home. Such a decision, of course, would raise questions such as how Zardari’s Foreign Minister fits into the PTI talking point of being ‘untested’ leadership. But I suppose Pir Imran Khan’s blessing washes away all sins.

FM Qureshi with US Secretary of State Clinton

As Jalsa Wars continue, though, I can hardly wait to see what a great effect these rallies will have. Will dengue finally be eradicated out as machar are bored to death by endless speeches? Will Imran’s electric personality finally solve load shedding? Will sectarianism finally be wiped out as the whole nation unites as Shi’atu Imran?

One thing is certain. If democracy and electoral process are not solving the national problems fast enough, rallies and sit-ins are sure to do the trick. Otherwise, we might have to think that Imran Khan doesn’t know what he’s doing…


Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. Wow!

    You, my dear sir, suffer from mental constipation!

    Why do we always hold PTI and IK in a different light?

    Do you apply your ‘holier-than-thou’ logic to PPP or PML-N?

    Let us not lose sight of relativity. A brainless chicken can tell you who is best amongst these 3.

    • Mental constipation is a natural result when there is so much BS being shoveled into our heads. Why do we always hold PTI and IK in a different light? Perhaps because IK makes holier-than-thou statements about his vanity party being the only ‘pure’ and ‘untested’ option while all the rest are clouded in darkness. We are only seeing him in the same light that he sees himself. As for whether I apply my ‘‘holier-than-thou’ logic to PPP or PML-N, I think their supporters will tell you that I am an ‘equal opportunity offender’ . Actually, it is you who sees PTI and IK in a different light. Let us not lose sight of relativity. PTI may be the choice of brainless chickens, but I don’t see how that is a good reason for thinking humans to blindly support them.

  2. SSP and JI flags where also at PMLN flags
    you have mental retardation stop holding PTI do one set of standards and pro american pro indian parties to a different set

    if you had a brain and read wikileaks you would know SMQ opposed drone strikes even when he was in office and he took on the world super power and did not free REymound Davis so that does free him of his sins, you are just jealous of Imran Khan

    go and vote for illiterate small midede PMLN

    PTI has every right to be Holier than Thou because they are unlike PMLN they sticked to the APDM boycott.

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