Mian Nawaz, You’re Too Good For This


I have to admit that I have been baffled by something for some time. As recently as a few weeks ago, Nawaz Sharif was holding to his statement that the democratically elected government should complete its term. I’ve praised such statements in the past not out of any love this government, but because it is a sign of political maturity and moving away from past political strategies that were willing to sacrifice national progress for quick political gains.

But recently we’ve been hearing all sorts of noise from PML-N leaders about how the government is at war with judiciary and talking about revolution in defence of the justices. Then I realised – this has nothing to do with PPP at all, but rather is all about PTI:

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has urged the Supreme Court to charge the federal government with contempt for not implementing 18 major judgments and said the PML-N’s stronghold, Lahore, will turn into a PTI stronghold in the next general election.

Imran Khan said this while launching of PTI’s “Jaag Utho” campaign — his latest movement on Facebook and another example of why his political party has earned the name ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Internet’.

And that’s when it dawned on me – Nawaz is scared. Not of Zardari and PPP. He knows PPP, he’s known them for years and knows how to campaign against them. No, Nawaz Sharif is scared of Imran Khan. And he’s reacting by serving up some extra salty fries in hopes of attracting Imran Khan’s army of burger bacchas to his tent.

Fear of PTI is beneath the PML-N. Muslim League is not a video game for disgruntled college students to play while procrastinating their studies, and Nawaz Sharif is not a divorced London play boy desperately trying to cling to the spot light after the test has ended.

Nawaz Sharif is a former Prime Minister and a successful businessman. In the last elections, his party won 91 seats in the National Assembly, and 171 in Provincial Assembly Punjab. After such a poor showing in 1997 and 2002, PTI didn’t even bother to show up in 2008. That year, PML-N won 6.7 million votes. Compare to PTI’s 95,000 Facebook fans, many of whom  are not even eligible to vote in Pakistan. In elections, it’s the citizens of PAKISTAN who count, not the “netizens” of Facebook.

This is not to say that anyone who supports Imran Khan doesn’t count. It’s to say that just because they have Qubee wireless cards and designer sunglasses, their vote still only counts as much as the chai wala’s. This is also why so many PTI walas say that the poor and illiterate shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They may wear black instead of khaki, but the mindset is the same.

Political leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar Wali Khan, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, and Asif Zaradri spent decades traveling from village to village and listening to the common man about their needs and their hopes and dreams. Have these leaders done a perfect job of meeting those needs? Far from it. But let’s not forget that they haven’t really been given a chance, have they? Zardari spent 11 hard years in prison on trumped up charges. Nawaz Sharif’s term was cut short by a coup and he was forced into exile. Altaf Hussain is still missing his home.

While Pakistan was struggling through its most difficult times, where was Imran Khan? While real leaders were suffering for their people, Imran Khan was partying in London nightclubs and basking in the sun in Mumbai.

Imran Khan sunbathing in Mumbai

So, please, Mian Nawaz, don’t worry about Imran Khan. He may have an impressive head of hair, but even this is just like his dharnas and his whole Tehreek-e-Internet – it’s all show, and no substance. You’re better than that.


Author: Mahmood Adeel


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  2. I dont agree with the writers opinion. Specially in last lines where he is talking about Imran Khan (Even I am not a supporter of PTI). But still Imran Khan is untested.

  3. Thats just Joke n nothing.Writer has Shown its Mental Cheap approach by Posting such a Picture of Imran Khan,but I aint Surprise. whatelse u could be good at???

    Nawaaz is Chewed Up by Zardari n has Played such a Historical Friendly Opposition Role in History of Pakistan.
    Nawaaz has Compromised every Public Issue from Raymond Davis to Abbotobad and NRO n Krachie Unrest.On Every National Issue Nawaaz has Compromised its Real Role as Opposition ,Just for the Sake of his PMship.
    Now,If a Person Compromises on all National Issues and Gives Importance of his Greed over Nation,then How Come we could Trust Such a Selfish Person ,who dosnt Care for its Nation but his PMship.???
    Its the Truth that Nawaaz hasnt Played his Real Role as being Opposition and he always have been after his PMship.

    Nomore ”Ping Pong Game” between Zardari n Nawaaz___We are Fed Up n we need a Certain Positive Change in Pakistan.
    Imran Khan has got Every Reason to be PM of Pakistan.
    Nwaaz even cant Face the ”Youth” of Pakistan.
    Nawaaz is a Politician,hes not a Leader.
    How can I ”VOTE” for a Politician who even dosnt Dare to Face his ”YOUTH”????
    Nawaaz knows very well that the Day he Faces ”Youth” of Pakistan Face to Face,he’ll be Exposed Officially that Day as MQM has Exposed after Zulfiqar’s Daring Press Conference.
    Wheres Nawaaz???__Imran has put more Pressure on PPP than Nawaaz in Islamabad Jalsa’s and others.
    MQM been always more Problem for Govt having only 25seats in NA …!!!
    Shame on PML-N ,..there 91NA seats are Good for what.???

    Everything is Open n Clear infront of U.
    ”Aaamaye huye ko baar baar Aaazmaan Jahaalat hai”
    so …Do not Elect the same Filthy ,Corrupted Leaders again n again.Simple
    Give try to New One’s n Lets See what Best they can do for Us and Pakistan.Thaink for Pakistan.

    • By puting this kind of photos you can never make your writing more worthy ! so everyone knows what are other parties doing. we have tested all of them and i personally like Imran Khan’s words speeches ! but i know alone Imran can’t make anything better there should be be a colliation with some other party ! according to Imran Khan if Nawaz League agree to show their wealth then he can think of shaking hands with them ! so i like and wish this coaliation ! because in this way we will have strong party in front of MQM PMLQ PPP !! all these corrupt murdrer parties! and for you writer ! this was a totally fool and narrow thinking of your mind !

  4. Sorry Dear,
    Shame for you idiot writer…. These are very old and absurd techniques to mislead innocent people about Imran Khan. Shame for you idiot writer, how much money have you got to write such nonsense against an undisputed leader? People are now well aware of you Black Sheeps….. You are a poodle of so-called ‘leaders’, Hahahah…..

  5. Dude.. take a hike.. honestly.. the name of your blog and your writing are totally opposite to each other… its more like a paid writing rather than being nutral or optimistic even..
    I am also a writer and I also write for Pakistan, we the bloggers, must not be biased like that.. or shall not oppose the poeple who are doing good for the country or trying to do good for the country.
    What shareef brothers are doing.. holding 800 million pounds in england, more than 1 hundred billion dollers in dubai and uae, wtf you think they can give.. just bullshit.

  6. This story completely looks a piece of crap,nonsense & rubbish. The writer by putting up such photos & alongwith his cock & bull story, has exhibited his immature,partial & lackintg mental calibre, which is indicative of a fact that this chap is a pro PML-N or PPP person.It seems a paid content beyond any doubt, although Im a nuetral person away from any political affiliations, but I have a free advice for this gentlemen to try his luck in something else. This urge for writing stuff is not his cup of tea.

    • Sameer’s comment is unfortunately typical. If anyone dares to make a criticism, they must be paid or a worker for some party. Why can’t we accept that we do not all agree on everything? Isn’t it quite clear? I don’t think that PTI is paying its army of internet trolls. I don’t think that just because someone criticizes Zardari that makes them anti-PPP, or everyone who criticizes Nawaz is anti-PMLN, or everyone who criticizes Altaf Bhai is anti-MQM etc etc etc. These are all leaders of political parties and very public personalities. They do things and say things that I agree with and that I disagree with also. Don’t be so sensitive about everything that anyone says about your dear leader. They’re all big boys and they can take a little criticism. If not, they’re in the wrong business.

      Also, if I am supposed to be getting paid for writing this “piece of crap, nonsense & rubbish” would someone kindly inform me where I should be sending the bill? I think I must be owed quite a bit in back payments!

  7. Yeah Yeah Mian Sahab dont worrie. Imran is just another guy…. forget it.. Should I bring Lassi for you? you really look tired. Please take a break … look what you have looted already 😉 you dont need to be scared of him. He’ll shut up soon.. dont worrie okay.. dont cry now.

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