Conspiracy to malign Pak military


It is well known that there is a conspiracy by foreign agents to malign the Pakistan military as part of a scheme to destabilize the country. We know this because we are told so by our trusted and esteemed TV anchors who are second in their patriotism only to members of the national agencies. But the proof is right under our own noses if we will only care to look.

Just recently we saw several cases of foreign agents manipulating the media for anti-state propaganda. This has been exposed by one patriotic journalist as “pursuit of dollar-driven and Raw-CIA sponsored foreign agenda to fatally damage the defence establishment”.

The first foreign agent to expose himself is none other than DG ISI Lt Gen Pasha who told parliament that Abbottabad fiasco was the result of “intelligence failure”. It is well known that ISI is recognized as “top best intelligence agency of the world”.

Obviously, by parroting the CIA lie that Osama was killed in Pakistan, Gen Pasha must be doing the dirty work of the CIA/RAW/Mossad. Are we even sure that his name is Pasha and not Vijay or Shlomo?

Most recently, however, there is Dr A Q Khan who claims that Pakistani military leaders took bribes and sold nuclear secrets to North Korea.

In a written statement, Dr Khan describes helping transfer more than $3m to senior officers, delivering the cash in a canvas bag and cartons, including one in which it was hidden under fruit.

The revelations, which have been denied by Pakistani officials, will only heighten already difficult relations between Islamabad and Washington.

The account is backed up by a letter, dated July 15, 1998, marked “Secret,” and purportedly signed by Jon Byong Ho, North Korean Workers’ Party secretary, which says “the 3 millions (sic) dollars have already been paid” to one Pakistani military official and “half a million dollars” and some jewellery had been given to a second official.

Although the status of Dr A Q Khan’s circumcision is not known, obviously he is a RAW agent to be spreading such false propaganda. We know that these documents must be forged because they accuse military officials of corruption and willingness to sell the national assets when everyone knows that only Asif Zardari and his cronies are corrupt.

What is clear is that the honourable Pak military is being maligned by devious foreign agents whose cunning knows no boundaries. Who else would have the foresight to spend decades serving their national defences only as part of a wicked plot to turn and malign the military with such criticism!


Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. Your article gives me to ponder over Schopenhauer’s thoughts; ‘Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.’ Perhaps it could be ISI limitations. But on the other hand your din din also comes to this conclusion by the same source;
    ‘The amount of noise which anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity.’ Do
    you have the moral courage to send this article to the two
    persons you have mentioned?

  2. maybe ask AQ Khan to demonstrate whether he has been circumcised or not? how does this blog know the details of his circumcision or not?
    just curious.

    • @anas butt, LOL! I have no idea of AQ Khan’s circumcision and I don’t want to know either! 🙂 Re-read the post please I think you were distracted. :)))

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