Nation Needs Patriots, Not Opportunists


SMQ with his best friend Hillary ClintonPolitical opportunists of every stripe are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of the nation’s confusion over the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad last week. Meanwhile, the nation’s image is at a low point as the world asks how Osama bin Laden could be living comfortably outside PMA Kakul and how the US could carry out a cross border raid without raising the detection of the Army. What we need are patriots – the real kind, not the pseudo-patriot hyper-nationalists who are content to make excuses – real patriots who are willing to ask the hard questions and make real changes to put the nation back on path.

On Day 1 after the raid, the typical establishment media sources were reporting that this was a joint operation carried out with the full involvement of Pak Army. The Nation reported that 200 Pak Army men were involved. It has become clear that this was not the case, and the military appears to have be caught unaware. In the aftermath of this debacle, civilian and military leaders have called for a full investigation into two questions: 1. How was it possible for Osama bin Laden to be living undetected in Abbottabad and 2. How was it possible for a team of American commandos to get in and out of Abbottabad without military and intelligence noticing anything?

These are important questions to be investigated and answered. As citizens of a sovereign nation we must be looking at how our borders have become so weak that international terrorists and American commandos can cross without detection. We must ask what has happened in our country that international terrorists would choose to come here to hide from the rest of the world. It is a time for national introspection.

Unfortunately, while many are looking at these questions honestly, others are jumping on the opportunity to score cheap political points at the expense of the nation’s future.

Unsurprisingly, Jang/Geo continues it’s boring fight with the government by accusing the civilians of failing on the job, as if the president and PM were sleeping at the radar stations when the cross border raid took place. A recent article even lashes out at the civilians for the laughable claim that “the present government had not discussed the war on terror with the army even once during last three years”. Are we to believe that the government was conducting this war while the Army was waiting for instructions? Actually it was the generals having private talks with their American counterparts for the last years. If the government didn’t talk to the army about the war on terror, it wouldn’t matter since it was the army keeping the civilians out of the loop anyway.

Whatever is being said in the media, it’s nothing compared to the silliness coming out of the mouths of some politicians. One might expect such attacks from Ch. Nisar, but the actions of SMQ are an embarrassing display of political opportunism. Qureshi is a smart guy. It’s too bad he got overly ambitious and gambled on being the next ZAB only to find out he’s not quite cut from the same cloth. But continuing this act is only making him look ridiculous.

Thankfully, civilian and military leadership appear to be on the same page with regards to the importance of defending the country.

Sources say the civilian and military leadership were on the same page in expressing reservations about the Abbottabad operation, and decided to formulate a national security policy after taking all political leaders into confidence. Sources say the government’s reservations over the propaganda being hatched against Pakistan by US intelligence agencies and officials from the Obama administration was also discussed.

The prime minister was asked to take the political leadership into confidence so that a joint stance could be taken on Pakistan’s national security and foreign policy with regards its future relations with the US.

Sources claim there was an understanding among the troika that the country’s sovereignty and geographical boundaries would be defended. The prime minister emphasised that “the sole criteria for formulating a national stance was safeguarding Pakistan’s supreme national interest, by all means, with the help of all state institutions, in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan who above all value their dignity and honour.”

If we’re going to get through this debacle with our heads held high, we’re going to have to answer some difficult and possibly embarrassing questions. We won’t be the first nation in this position. Germany was responsible for Nazis killing 6 million Jews, the US had hundreds of years of slavery, South Africa had Apartheid. Every nation has embarrassing periods in their histories. But those that progressed to become modern, prosperous democratic nations are those that honestly and humbly engaged in self-examination and positive change.


Author: Mahmood Adeel


  1. Showing that photo does not make Shah Mehmood Qureshi a small person, rather it shows that you have paid to attack
    him in public. From most of your articles read between the
    lines I gather one thing that you support this government
    and throw a wavering veil to cover yourself.

    • @Khalid I don’t think SMQ is a small person. Actually I was a big fan and in many ways I still am. But I’m also disappointed in his latest action. Showing that photo is meant for one purpose which is to show that his new position is 180 degrees from what he was saying till only months ago and for years before that. Am I wrong about this? Was SMQ not the best friend of the US until only last month? Now he is singing the tune of sovereignty? Give me a break. As for being paid by the government to attack SMQ that is 100 per cent incorrect. Why every time someone does not agree with someone else they must be paid by somebody. We need to stop this thinking. Me and you do not agree on everything but we have been debating for a long time on this blog and I truly enjoy that. You make me think about things before I write and even consider whether I was mistaken some times. I hope I do the same for you. But please dont insult me. I support a democratic government. I think this government is far from perfect. It is covered in warts and hairs. But it is OURS that WE ELECTED and not one that was forced on us. I support our ability to make mistakes and learn and evolve into a healthy democracy instead of having our leaders MURDERED when they become in the way of tyrants. Attacking Zardari is easy. If I wanted to get paid for something let me tell you that is the path to take. What is difficult and gets no recognition is being willing to think for yourself and say that however ugly this government is it is the one that WE chose and that Inshallah it will stay till its full term and then WE will chose again and not have that choice taken from us by Mullahs or Generals or any other country.If you insult me for this than it says more about you than me.

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