Happy Birthday to the magnificent idea of Pakistan!


The promise of a better life for themselves and their children led my grandparents to leave behind their home and make the arduous journey to a new nation. The hopes and dreams they must have had continue to inspire me today. As a proud Pakistani, I am consistently awed by our national capacity to be generous, warm and full of joy.
Though Pakistan faces challenging times, our leadership remains defiant and strong. We will never allow the darkness of extremism to cover the bright colors of our culture. We will never accept defeat to terror. We will never compromise any Pakistani’s right to live and worship as he would please. We will honor our children by continuing to improve education, and we will work with the international community to bring more jobs to our youth. This is the promise of Jinnah’s Pakistan, and though in our history we have strayed far from it, we will continue to struggle and we will win, inshallah.

God Bless Pakistan!




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