Sunday Cartoons


I’ve long believed that the jihadis and the anti-democratic right-wing were reading from the same script. They all use the same fear tactics to keep the people distracted and paralyzed. The Western right-wing uses Islam as a bogey just as our own right-wing uses America as a bogey. But they have been reading from the same script for far too long and now the people are starting to notice that it’s just a trick. The people of Arab countries are demanding democracy, and those of us who have it are not giving it up. I thought these two political cartoons today really described the situation quite well.

Jihadi confusion on peaceful revolutions

Glenn Beck's Islamaphobio

What’s most interesting is that the cartoon about Glenn Beck could just as easily be about Ahmed Quraishi and the rest of the Ghairat Brigade, only replace ‘Muslims’ with ‘America’ and ‘Marxist Caliphate’ (whatever that means) with ‘hegemony’!


Author: Mahmood Adeel


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