Credibility of Justice System


If you have not read Babar Sattar’s column in Saturday’s The News, ‘Asking the right questions’, I recommend you do. The esteemed lawyer makes the most well reasoned arguments about Raymond Davis that I have read to this date.

After carefully reviewing the pertinent laws, Babar comes to a wise conclusion:

Most of us want to see Raymond Davis prosecuted and punished for the murder of Pakistani citizens. But let us not forget that it is not the award of harsh punishment but fair administration and enforcement of laws that remains a gauge of how just a legal system is. We must not allow anger, resentment, bravado or street opinion to affect the quality of justice produced by our courts. An adverse ruling creatively interpreting the law to deny Davis the benefit of Pakistan’s Diplomatic and Counsellor Privileges Act might bring instant gratification for many but will put in jeopardy the neutrality and credibility of our justice system. And that will do us more harm than good.




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