Cut Off The Hydra’s Head


Jihadi Hydra Monster

Monday morning, militants bombed a school bus in Peshawar – the fifth bombing in a week. Is it only coincidence that we have witnessed attacks increasing in frequency during Muharram? CCPO Fayyaz Laghari has said that as many as 5,700 policemen will be required to secure the mourning processions of Muharram 8, 9 and 10.

Jihadi sympathizers and their useful idiots who peddle conspiracy theories that distract us from our own interests say that al Qaeda does not exist, that it is a figment of the American imagination or possibly a CIA operation. But al Qaeda is real enough to threaten our own military, and they are working hand in hand with TTP and other militant groups here.

According to well informed sources in the Pakistani security establishment, Saif Al Adal, one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives, has been dispatched to North Waziristan by bin Laden’s No 2, Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri, with the prime objective of boosting al-Qaeda’s military might against the Pakistani security forces in Waziristan and stepping up cross-border ambushes against the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan. Saif was set free by Iran in October 2010 after spending nine years under house arrest, and that too in exchange for the release of Heshmatollah Attarzadeh, a senior Iranian diplomat who was kidnapped by the Taliban in Pakistan in 2008. Saif has been dispatched to North Waziristan amidst reports that the Pakistani authorities have already given a commitment to the Obama administration to launch a full-scale military action in the area to uproot the Haqqani militant network led by veteran Afghan leader commander Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son Sirajuddin Haqqani.

Once again it is clear to all who will see it. These attacks have nothing to do with American policy or drone attacks. Rather, it is the strategy of militant groups to divide and conquer. They attack shia processions to create suspicion and resentment, dividing our own citizens against each other. They attack our own troops to weaken our resolve and create distrust and suspicion between our military and the American military with the ultimate goal of undermining the security of our Western border so they can control the tribal areas themselves. Never forget that these jihadis were always against the creation of Pakistan.

The lesson we should be learning is that the hydra-headed monster of lashkars and jihadis is that the deals that some people thought would give us ‘strategic depth’ will actually be our strategic undoing if we don’t cut off the head first.

S Iftikhar Murshed says it perfectly:

It is time for Pakistan to come to terms with the problems that it confronts. The challenges are internal and the foremost among these is the threat to the country’s survival from terrorist violence. Furthermore the state has yet to fully reclaim its writ in the tribal region. This cannot be achieved so long as foreign militants and groups including those from Afghanistan remain in the area.

They should be asked to leave or face military action. It should be made clear to the Afghan groups including the Haqqani network that the road to Kabul is not from the tribal areas of Pakistan but through participating in President Karzai’s reconciliation initiative.

The question is will we act in our own defense before it is too late?




  1. Solution to murders and roberies.
    Now a days Firarms are common in two major crime above all.
    If we stop the using of firarms then we control these crimes.
    There are two aspects of this rule.
    1> Cut his/her left hand who kill someOne and cut his/her both hands who kill someTwo and fire him in head after cutting both hands who kill more than two humans by using firearms..
    2>Cut his/her right index finger and Thumb who Rob someone by using firarms.
    The Logic is that no man can kill more than two persons.After cutting the both hands a man Can’t do anything.
    And after cutting the left hand a man can’t use any type of weopon like guns.Which in most left hand is used to load the gun and without loading a gun can’t fire.
    He cannot drive after cutting the left hand.
    Index figer and thumb of right hand are two important organs involved in killig
    I.finger is used to Trigger and thumb is used to control the force of re-action of the gun.
    These are universal laws and applicable in every where around the globe.
    And the result will be same.
    There will be all Peace in Yeroshelm,Kashmir,Iraq,Afghanistan…………
    And all over the world,
    It will bring the economic change that is never expected before

  2. excellent thought provoking reads . I hope we are never ruled by wild savages who use Islam to impose terror.

  3. Dear abdul qadeer i agree with u we should follow the islamic laws in our life n there will be peace in all the world

  4. Mr. Qadeer and Mr. Khan.

    I read your words with total disbelief. Do you not see the violence going on all around you? How long do you think Pakistan can hold on as it is blown up almost daily?

    Never mind. I know I’m wasting my time, but the utter blindness of some people is beyond incredible. To side with these killers is also reprehensible.

    You actually think we can have peace in the world by slicing each other up???

  5. Did you know there is the 115th Sura which is only visible
    to chief scholars of Al Qaida, TTP and religious schools that support violence as only means to achieve ultimate salvation.We are being ruled by bigots and we are no less
    in our thinking.Infact we have decided to replace the Will
    of Allah with that of our own!

  6. For too long Pakistanis have buried their heahds in the sand and refused to confront the facts of home grown ills.
    Stop passing the blame on outside forces and take the bull by the horn. That is where courage is required.

  7. An article in a website depicts that he founder of Talibanization of Pakistan was Allama Iqbal. Please read his poetry. He incite fighting against infidels. His whole poetry was based on superstitious ideas and hatred towards all who are not Muslims except Sikhs ( read his poem about Guru Nanak, where he thinks that the torch of Tauheed, shama-e-tauheed, in Punjab was lit by Guru Nanak ) and on the other hand he was using RACE, RELIGION and LANGUAGES to divide humanity and Muslims of India. At one place he said:

    “………..In these circumstances it is obvious that the only way to a peaceful India is a redistribution of the country on the lines of racial, religious and linguistic affinities”
    ( A letter to M.A. Jinnah, June 21, 1937 )

    We have to fix the base, because without that you would keep on fighting them and they would keep on growing until you get tired and they would then attack us with full force. Let us get rid of those literatures which teach and train them, the hatred towards humanity and other religions. Furthermore, we should denounce those leaders who are responsible for such situations instead of praising them

  8. i think editor having not enough knowledge about jihadi groups ,which hydra’s they mentioned that’s not involve in any boomb blast in pakistan.the saying of editor is right’these boomb blasts are only to creates shia sunni conflicts ‘ but who behind that,so plz analyse the situation of iraq war and what strategies adopted by “mintor”.and stop spreading confusin about islamic groups

  9. Well, I do appreciate all the prticipants to have long and precious dicussion by sparing out the plenty of time but it is better to impliment the Islamic actions rather to discussions. I think that we (The Muslims) are just left behind as we do not follow the Islamic Laws and limited ourselves towards the discussions. Have you ever thought what Quran Says to the Ummat-e_Muhammadia (SAW) “You are the best Umma, taken out to do good and propogate others to do so, remain away from bad deeds and also prevent others to do so”. So, be the real muslims of actions not of words.

  10. The present day jihadi movement is not real.They are the CIA trained MISSIONARIES.The real Jihadi Movement is in the favour of pakistan.So dnt blame jihadi movement.

  11. It’s time we come out of mazhaib and take guidance from God’s Judgment that He etched into every human brain that is conscience for us to take guidance from not from any human being.
    Why do we fall prey to clergy?Religions?
    Do you accept God’s Judgment or the cleric?

  12. Islam means peace,sal
    Amti,shanti—-anyone who brings in peace is a Muslim.
    Nasrani from nasr means madam,help—so whosoever helps is a nasrani—–and so on so forth.
    In God’s Judgment there are no nouns ie no names,place or thing.
    Mazhab has all what God’s Judgment forbids to mislead and make money.
    Why are Muslims dancing in the mosques on the beat of imams?
    Pandits make Hindus dance in tamales.
    Rabbis in synagogues make Jews swing.
    Priest make the Christians dance in churches.
    What guidance do we take from that?

  13. Let us not misinterpret jihad.
    Jihad is a word derived from June means help.
    We should take guidance from the judgment of God that He has etched into every human brain for us to take guidance from not from any human being.
    Jihad mean effort to wipe of all violence from a society not go on a murder spree.

  14. God asks for good deeds only.
    Ask your conscience?
    Can we lie?

  15. i am 15 yrs old….i am worried abt my country(pakistan) because nobody here follows islamic shariat and laws…meybe u guys should do something!!please

  16. ITs a popular idea to keep beating drums of anti-terrorism campaign these days. We all hate bloodshed of innocent people and we are all concerned about the future of this land.But lets ask ourselves a question ” why do we highlight a single party – Jihadis – for the mess only ?” These guys are not the beginners of what we see today. The American plans about Iraq and Afghanistan were drawn about 3 decades ago and they are precisely following the time schedule. But naturally, their actions provoke reaction, Jihadis are reacting to what Americans are doing.So,why not ask Americans first ? Secondly, we target Jihadis because they kill Pakistanis and attack our cities. Let me ask why a suicide bomber from Khanewal, Ghotki, Rahim Yar Khan or another city joins hands to blast fellow Pakistanis ? Because Pakistan is wholeheartedly serving American designs, we are ally to US so we are enemy to Jihadis. Our Pakistan as it is for past 60 years, is neither sincere to Pakistanis, nor to Muslim Ummah. Without a break this country has been a subservient to foreign powers for decades.So, if we have sided with enemies of Ummah, we have to take fair share of the damages. And why Pakistan is doing so ? afterall it is Islamic Democratic Republic of Pakistan. It is because of you, the 170 million hypocrates, living a dual life, sowing thorns and asking for flowers. Yes, you all are happy with dirty politicians, currupt Generals and Khan Waderas. You vote for them again and again and they kick your butts each time. With such senseless masses, this country is running without check n balance.So, either think, decide and stand-up for a change or keep walking to the ditch of hell which is not too far now.Rules of God never change, you get what you ask for.

  17. If someone enters in your home and is going to kill you then what you will do to him?
    No one belonging to one father will allow him to do bad things with his ladies and himself.
    AMERICA and all his well wisher have lost the war in Afghanistan and now they want to transfer this fire in Pakistan. We Love Pakistan and ALLAH will save Pakistan.

  18. salam 2 alzzzz.
    i also vd u sir g. how we get peace in our life . how we life easily ,freedamly nd according to is lamic rule nd regulations. why our present leader want money they should be honest about there masses .have they know about there masses. what they want instead of money
    hmmmmmmmmm. may be u will give my answer of that ridiculus question.????????????????????????????????????????

  19. The even greater monsters are those so called faithless intellectuals and political leaders who sold their people to our enemy for few bucks! The commodities, who raised the slogan ” Sub se Pehley Pakistan” are also the equal criminals whose attitude created all this mess. Unless we cleanse this bloody mess from these bloody people, peace would be a dream to all of us. Imran is a great hope.

  20. This matter is getting worse day by day,and no one seems to be doing any thing to tackle this problem,some 2 days ago one of the group tried to blow up a girls college in mardan city.i don’t understand why they target innocent people,does Islam allow it.the answer is definitely NO.which means that they are on the wrong side and now they need to be opposed and stopped.
    I have taken a step regarding this matter,i made an organization by the name INTEGRATED SOCIAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION.which is now operational in 13 villages of mardan city.our aims and objectives are to take measures against religious extremism,terrorism,support women rights and also works in health sectors.our main aim was to create a platform where all people specially youth can get together and reach a certain point of decision on a matter combinely.the response of people of that area was good and within a short period of time we have 300 is also true that we are encountering many problems in our work,and the greater part of our problem is finance,but we are looking for a Sponsor and as soon as we find one we will double our speed.any one who wants to join the cause and help please write me back
    [email protected]

  21. great point of my excellence that well come to this web and i serve for mphil standing back ground so send some useful means that what can i do for that org. thanks agha

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