America Cheers For BHUTTO


America Cheers for BHUTTO

There’s a new film being released in the America today and it is creating a new star in their country. No, it’s not the latest Batman film – actually it stars a cast of Pakistanis and tell the heartbreaking story of one woman’s attempt to save her own country. The film, of course, is BHUTTO. And Americans LOVE it.

When the film was given a sneak preview earlier this year in Washington DC, one blogger wrote that “the front rows were filled with representatives from the State Department, Department of Defense, and the White House – all of whom had come to pay their respects to the life and legacy of Benazir Bhutto”.

Now that Americans have been able to see the film, their appreciation is growing. Today, the New York Times says:

What it does show, with little room for doubt, is that she left a comfortable exile to return to Pakistan one last time knowing that she was probably martyring herself — a demonstration of courage, mixed with single-mindedness, that people in the first world may find hard to comprehend.

It seems that the rest of the country agrees. According to the movie review website, the film gets a perfect score. 100% of journalists and 100% of audience have given the film a positive review! That is even more than Hollywood block buster films like Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2. (Screenshot below) gives BHUTTO a 100% rating

Whatever your politics, this is a film that will be good for more and more Americans to see. It presents a history of Pakistan that is more complex that what they will get from their TV shows and newspaper headlines. As the film grows in popularity, it is hopeful that Americans will come to have a better understanding and appreciation of our country and the sacrifices we have made in our struggle for democracy.




  1. When the film is shown to the masses here without the use of sharp scissors. It would remind many how Julius Caeser
    spoke his last words Et Tu Brute! In Benazir’s case we have yet to find her Brutus.Though we did hear a similar speech from one close after her demise. But no Anthony nor
    Octavious have spurred forth to ——-

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