Silent Successes


After doomsday predictions ranging from a war between the judiciary and the executive to the downfall of the republic itself, Daily Times reminds us that as usual the complaints of the chattering class about the section of the 18th Amendment that established the process for appointing of superior judges was much ado about nothing.

Contrary to perceptions of a confrontation between parliament and the judiciary created during the court hearings on the 18th Amendment, the new system has started off smoothly, with the unanimous election of Senator Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari as chairman of the parliamentary committee and establishment of its rules of business. One can be sanguine that the procedure of broader consultation and more transparent mode of appointment of judges can work with necessary improvements.

Perhaps this is something that we should keep in mind as the same voices are raising the same dire pronouncements for the passage of RGST. Perhaps we should also ask ourselves why it is that we are so quick to loudly pronounce new laws a failure before they’re even implemented, and so silent when we discover that they are actually a success.