Strategic Dialogues Solidified Alliance with US


Strategic Dialogues between US and Pakistan have wrapped up this past Friday, and both sides are feeling very enthused and energetic. The once-hesitant nations have over time transformed into working allies and are now, as multiple meetings and statements show us, fixed in a solid friendship.

In the past both nations have had a “transactional relationship” where long-term interests were not taken into consideration and all interaction was abrupt. The people of both countries admitted readily to a trust-deficit. But today, things are very different.

The arc of history has moved the US and Pakistan ever-closer. The people of both countries are threatened by the menace of terrorism. The fact that poverty is a very real tragedy for Pakistanis is not lost on the US diplomats. It is clear that any future peace and prosperity depends on improved and readily available education, infrastructure, agriculture innovation or a general bettering of the quality of life for the Pakistani people. The US has pledged its support to heartily assist as much as possible.

Detractors will say it is all talk from the Americans, but that is just simply not true. In her testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, Secretary Clinton said “In Pakistan, our efforts are vital to success in Afghanistan, but also to our own American security,” she said. “We’ve made it a strategic priority to strengthen our partnership with the Pakistani people.”

As the top diplomat in the US, the Secretary’s words carry immense meaning and her fellow Americans listened carefully to her expert opinion. The Dialogues also led to a policy steering group that will work towards further talks and will also cover science and technology, education, agriculture, water, health, communications and public diplomacy.

Here we are, at a point where the Pakistani people are the main focus of this alliance. With this momentum, we can hope to see a better country for our people.