Has Gen. Bajwa initiated ‘Operation Radd ul Media’ ?

There are widespread reports of Pakistan’s most watched TV news channel Geo being shut down in most parts of the country. Unlike others, Geo has refused to join the anti-civilian rule and anti-democracy propaganda currently common on Pakistan TV channels. But who can make hundreds of cable TV distributors jettison the most watched news channel with the flick of a finger?

This is the translation of the above

TV anchor Kamran Khan says: “These days media is discussing the ‘Bajwa Doctrine.’ This is based on the ideas articulated by COAS Gen Qamar Bajwa in a briefing of three dozen media personalities in Rawalpindi. He spoke on the economy, foreign policy, judiciary, and even the size of Nawaz Sharif’s recent rallies. He declared a major media group as subversive.”

Other reports inform us that Gen Bajwa went to the extent of saying that he had ordered the closing down of Geo TV because he considered the Jang-Geo media group anti-army and subversive. If this is true, it is very troubling. It is not the Pakistan army’s job to sit in judgment in the patriotism of the media and to shut down ‘offensive’ media outlets.

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