Imran Khan and The Bangladesh Model

For someone who promises to usher in ‘Naya Pakistan’, Imran Khan is singing a pretty old tune. His latest demand on the eve of this ‘Azadi March’ is for the government to be replaced with an extended technocratic government who will enact reforms before holding fresh elections. In other words, it is nothing but the old ‘Bangladesh Model’, freshly repackaged for Nawaz Sharif.

While Imran has not explained who exactly these ‘technocrats’ are, it doesn’t take a PhD to guess. They are the same ‘Ministers In Waiting‘ that have been eyeing their chance to take power since always.

Meanwhile, despite Imran Khan’s escalating demands and the sensationalistic media hype around them, the truth is Pakistani people are not interested in such a ‘Bangladesh Model’.

A PILDAT Public Opinion Poll has revealed that a substantial 67% of the country’s population believes that democratically elected governments constitute the best system for Pakistan. Crucially, the popular appetite for another Army rule in the country remains low as only 19% Pakistanis see another military rule as the best system for the country.

Finally, a gentle reminder to Imran Khan whose memory seems to be worst these days. The last time we wasted time and resources on this very same debate, an important point was finally acknowledged: ‘The advocates of the so-called Bangladesh model in Pakistan should never forget that this system has failed even in Bangladesh’.

Author: Mahmood Adeel

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Author: Mahmood Adeel