Gazans of Pakistan

Members of the Ahmadi Muslim community hold the names of victims as they stood over their graves in Chenab Nagar, located in Punjab's Chiniot District
Members of the Ahmadi Muslim community hold the names of victims as they stood over their graves in Chenab Nagar, located in Punjab’s Chiniot District

The terms ‘apartheid’ was first used to describe the political situation in South Africa when the country was divided along racial lines. South Africans with light skin were a class above South Africans with dark skin who were treated as unequal and unwanted in their own country. Dark skinned South Africans were denied housing, jobs, justice, and even killed due to their race. Eventually, the entire world could see the injustice in this political system and it South Africa was forced to change. A similar hope is for the future of Palestine, that the world will see that Israel is a new apartheid state that denies housing, jobs, justice, and even life to innocent Muslims only because of their religion.

But there is another apartheid state that exists today, which sadly is Pakistan. It is here that a group of citizens is legally declared to be unequal and are denied housing, jobs, justice, and even life. These are the Gazans of Pakistan, victims of economic and political discrimination and even genocide. I am talking about the Ahmedis of course.

In the most recent incident, a mob of 250 so-called men has murdered innocent children in Gujranwala. Are the lives of these innocent children worth less than the innocent children of Gaza? Where is the outrage? Where are the street protests? Where are the tweets of Maleeha Lodhi and others condemning the world’s Muslim leaders for their silence on this barbarity?

Maleeha Lodhi can Tweet and Moeen Ali can wear wristbands for Gaza, but who is the celebrity that make a public statement apartheid in this country? That is who will show true courage.

Author: Mukhtar Ahmed

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Author: Mukhtar Ahmed